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Dimensional Quality Control

In production industry; the dimensional accuracy of the produced parts is one of the most important quality aspects of all process. The product must satisfy the required dimensions which is shown on the technical sketch of the relevant part. CIO Inspection Ltd can carry out visual, geometrical, and dimensional inspections with professional tools, and can create a final report for customers about where defects are found and advise solutions how to eliminate them.

Statistical Process Control Applications

Statistical process control (SPC) is mainly a statistical method to monitor and improve the production process. SPC procedure can help to monitor all production process, to detect issues within the system, and find solution to the problems regarding final product quality.


Electrical Inspection

CIO Inspection Ltd. will provide miscellaneous electrical inspection services to its customers which facilitate in construction, production, and engineering sectors. These services include the measurements of winding resistance, voltage & current on the system, insulation resistance, harmonics and FFT analysis, partial discharge, sound & vibration. The company will have the required certificates to certify its inspections as Mr Ozden will be a qualified inspector.

CIO Inspection

Offering customer-oriented, faster, and reliable solutions in quality control of your products. With approach of statistical process control, you will have more precise and accurate final products with lower costs.

Also providing inspection services for construction and machine electricity, easily testing your system’s specifications, and checking their compliance with the latest regulations in the sector.

CIO Inspection Ltd. aims to bring objective expertise to find the right solutions for you


CIO Inspection Limited is a quality control and inspection company founded by Mr. Abbas Ozden in 2020. Mr. Ozden will bring all his experience and technical skills for his customers to achieve more efficient and cost-effective businesses in the UK.

The company targets customers from manufacturing, design, engineering, and construction industries, also small businesses having electrical infrastructure or machinery.



Mr. Abbas Ozden is a skilful person who has deep experience in dimensional quality control and electrical inspection field.

  • Having experience more than 10 years in manufacturing and inspection sector.
  • Deep knowledge of Dimensional Calibration Techniques and Statistical Process Control methods.
  • Technical and practical expertise in machine and construction electricity, in applying inspection methods.
  • Ability to use several electrical measurement equipment including resistance, insulation, vibration, sound and thermal measurement devices.